Tourist Attraction at Kozhikode
Kappad Beach
A small stone monument there commemorates the landing with the inscription, "Vasco da Gama landed here, Kappakadavu, in the year 1498." His expedition gave the Europeans a sea route to reach the wealth of the Malabar Coast, and resulted in European domination of India for about 450 years. At that time Malabar was ruled by the Zamorins (Samoothiris, spoken locally) who gave a warm welcome to Gama. Malabar was abundant in spices, and produced a calico textile. Currently it is one of the most important tourist places in Kerala, with a wide and beautiful beach.
Thusharagiri waterfalls, located in Kozhikode district, offers a fine trekking trail to the near by district of Wayanad in Kerala State, India. Trekkers have to start early morning from the second waterfall on the hills and climb up through the pristine dense evergreen forests teeming with exotic birds and animals to reach Vythiri in Wayanad district by evening.
Beypore Port
Beypore Port is one of the major and important ports of Kerala after Cochin. Infact, speculation has been going around that the Government of Kerala is not developing the Beypore Port into a major port as it would completely render the importance of Kochi as a Metro City and Calicut would gain more importance and investments would pour in from outside. It is a well known fact that both Calicut and Beypore was in the ancient maps of the world before Kochi was known.
Kozhikode Beach
Kozhikode, the most important region of Malabar in yesteryears, was the capital of the powerful Zamorins and also a prominent trade and commerce center. It was here at Kappad that Vasco Da Gama landed in his search for the spices of the Orient. Today the serene beaches, lush green countryside, historic sites, all combine to make this a popular tourist destination filled with a warm ambience.5km from the hostel,other sightseens Aquarium and Light house.
Kalipoyika is leisure spot in Calicut and a major tourist attraction. About 1 km away from the hostel , this spot is situated in a place named Arayidathupalam and attracts hundreds of visitors every day.
Kalipoyika is a recreational hotspot where travelers can engage in boating. Row boats and pedals boats are available for travelers to hire. Cruising on the waters in leisurely evening can be a pleasurable activity. Boating facilities are available from 8 AM to 7 PM.
Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
The Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary lies in the Malappuram District of the state of Kerala in India. It spreads over a cluster of islands where the Kadalundipuzha River flows into the Arabian Sea. The Sanctuary hill is around 200 m above sea level.
Kakkayam is a city in the State of Kerala. The closest tourism destination to Kakkayam is Kozhikode (Calicut). Other close by tourism destinations include Kappad, Muthanga and Malappuram. The nearest major railway station to Kakkayam is Kozhikode (Calicut) (CLT) which is at a distance of 26 kilometres.
Peruvannamuzhi damsite
Set amid hills, Peruvannamuzhi (Peruvannamoozhy) is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Calicut District of Kerala state ,South India. Peruvannamuzhi is located about 60 km North East of the Calicut (Kozhikode) district headquarters. By boarding buses plying between Kozhikode and Peruvannamuzhi, you can directly reach Peruvannamuzhi Dam.
Regional Science Centre & Planatarium
Regional Science Centre & Planetarium Calicut functioning under NCSM (Govt.of India) shoulders the leading role in propelling science dissemination activities in Kerala, especially in the Malabar region. Calicut, the capital of Malabar right from the time of the Zamorin’s dynasty is now a fascinating place with unparalleled attractions including historic moments, works of art and cultural contributions. The cityattracts and accommodates visitors by outstretched red carpet of its enticing natural beauty. Situated in this land of distinct heritage RSC & Planetarium engages itself in dissemination of science through interactive exhibitions. The centre provides a perfect ambiance for exploring science through hands-on expositions, Planetarium, 3D theatre etc. It presents a plethora of facilities to inculcate scientific attitude in society.Located 5 km from the hostel. more
Zoological Survey Of India
The Western Ghats having a geographic area of nearly 1, 40, 000 sq. km extends over a length of 1,600 km from Tapti river (Gujrat) in the north to Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) in the south, almost parallel to the west coast of peninsular India. The Western Ghats, as a potential bio-geographic tract or territory, has gained the acclaim of one among the 34 globally identified biodiversity hot spots.
Western Ghat Regional Centre,Kozhikode(Calicut) Kerala.(Located 5kms from hostel.)
Pazhassi Raja Museum
About 1 km from the hostel ,A veritable treasure trove for historians and connoisseurs of art, the Pazhassiraja Museum is located in Kozhikode - the land of spices which lured navigators from time immemorial down to the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama in 1498. The Art Gallery adjacent to the museum displays the acclaimed paintings of Kerala's cherished artists, Raja Ravi Varma (1848 - 1906) whose works brought international repute to the State and his uncle Raja Raja Varma.The museum is managed by the State Archaeology Department and has on display mural paintings, antique bronzes, ancient coins, models of temples, umbrella stones, dolmenoid cists (quadrangular burial chambers with capstones), and similar megalithic monuments. For more information on Ravi Varma's works, refer 'The prince among painters and a painter among princes'
Krishna Menon Museum
The Krishna Menon Museum was established in 1975, to honour the popular Indian leader, V. K. Krishna Menon. The museum is located in East Hill, at a distance of about 1 km from the hostel. It is situated next to the Pazhassi Raja Museum that is an art gallery housing the oil paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, among other collections. A section of the museum is dedicated to V. K. Krishna Menon, which preserves and displays the souvenirs gifted to him and his personal belongings. The art section of the museum displays exquisite paintings, ivory objects d’art, intricate woodcarvings, Kerala mural paintings and modern painting.